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by Mary S on July 24, 2012

I recently learned of a helpful service for available at some pharmacies.  Medication Therapy Management is the formal name, but you can informally ask the pharmacist to review *all* of your loved ones current medications.  I emphasize all because a big part of the benefit is having a trained professional review everything you loved one is taking, even if the meds were prescribed by different doctors, filled at different pharmacies, or include over the counter items or herbal supplements.  With the complete picture, a pharmacist can look for duplications and things that should not be taken together.  They may be able to suggest lower cost generics.  And with some additional information about your age and health conditions, they might spot medications you no longer need.

A medication review will be easier if you bring the pharmacist a simple spreadsheet.  You can use our spreadsheet template or create your own.  Be sure to include:

  • Drug Name
  • When Prescribed
  • Who Prescribed
  • Why Prescribed
  • Dosage and Frequency

You can also bring the bag of pill bottles to double check, but an accurate, consolidated list is easier for the pharmacist to review quickly.  If you take the time to document your loved ones pills beforehand, you’ll get a higher quality analysis and make the most of a short consultation.

So any time your loved one starts a new medication, consider a visit to your local pharmacy for a medication review, and bring along a spreadsheet.

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Thanks to Michelle Lam, Doctor of Pharmacy, BumpMD and Khoi Lam, Doctor of Pharmacy, WOMP Works for suggesting this post.

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