Managing Medications: Step 2 – Creating a Daily Chart or Checklist

by Mary S on May 31, 2012

In Step 2 you create a chart or checklist of the daily medicine regime.  At NightingaleRx we’re hard at work reviewing tools to automate the process, but until then, you can tape pills to a note card or piece of paper.  A picture will do, if you don’t want to waste the pills.  And here is a sample filling checklist.

A checklist will help tremendously with the weekly process of filling up a pill box.  It’s easy to get distracted in what can be a long process, so a checklist keeps you on track.  If you’re not already using a pill box, I highly recommend it.  In fact, I’ll talk about that in step 3.  At this point the work with your Mom is done for today.  Congratulate yourself on completing a big step.  Put the tea kettle on, and relax.

While the water is brewing, though, be sure the put the meds back where you found them, or where you’ve now agreed they will be.  If any of these meds need refrigeration, make sure they are stored in the refrigerator.  If you have grandkids visiting the house, be sure to keep them away from the easy reach of little hands.  Until you get a new system in place, try not to cause too much disruption in her daily routine.

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