Order “Getting Started with Multiple Medications”

Order our best-practice system for managing medication for your loved one. The package includes:

  • Step-by-step guide: a comprehensive step-by-step guide to organize all medications from “a bag of canisters” to a safe and reliable routine.
  • Checklist: a one-page list to check if you have it all under control.
  • Prescription matrix: a simple yet powerful matrix to keep all prescriptions in one place.
  • Examples: fully filled out examples with complex situations laid out.

Order now! Only $4.99 for the full package.

Price: $4.99




New!  Custom Medication Labels

Custom Label Example
Do you need a way to distinguish Mom’s medication from Dad’s?  Or a reminder of how often to take each medication?  Or maybe you’d like a better description of what the medication is for?  Our custom medication labels can be used for any of these or anything else you can dream up.

We’ll provide a sheet of 24 labels, which the text of your choice.  At ¾” round the labels are the perfect size to attach to your prescription bottle.  They are small, so short lines of 8-10 characters are best.  Labels come on a sheet of 24 labels.  Green labels are currently in stock.

First sheet of labels is free with coupon code “FREE-SHEET”

Price: $1.00