Patient Engagement Discussed at Health Technology Forum

by Mary S on May 11, 2013

HTF Innovation Conference 2013 BannerAs part of watching industry trends, I recently attended the Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference in San Francisco.  Here are a few interesting take-aways from Patient Engagement for Care Improvement session:

  • Patient engagement is the juggernaut for fixing a broken healthcare industry.
  • System change starts with attitudinal change.
  • Social support should be job number one.  In the current delivery model human needs are significantly underappreciated.  “Information therapy” could be part of the prescription.   (Amy Tenderich, Editor-in-Chief,
  • People don’t respond to managing their health, they respond to managing their self-image.  (Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH, Behavior Design, Stanford University)
  • Panelists Laura Esserman, MD MBA, UCSF School of Medicine and Jan Oldenburg, VP, Aetna discussed care improvement, including the growth of accountable care organizations.

The moderate, Neil Versel, HIT Journalist, Universal Media, has more detailed coverage on the session in his own article.

My overall sense was there are passionate and dedicated folks actively working on change.  Quite wonderful!

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