NightingaleRx provides insight on demand for home health care products.

For products where patient adoption is critical for success, engaging caregivers in the development process is essential.

We conduct user-centric research and deliver rich assessment in order to create better home health products, reduce the risk of failure and costly post-launch changes.

1. Audit

Like ER for the product, we triage your offering and audit your user experience against 35 most common caregiver issues.  We evaluate your product or service through patient and caregiver eyes and deliver a 1 page writeup that identifies pain points and recommend design changes to fix them.

2. Panel and Facilitation

Stop speculating and start testing.  Customer panels get you out of the building and provide you with the information needed to focus on what matters most to your users.  Options for a panel include your current customers, beta customers, past customers or other caregivers who fit your user profile.  Need help knowing what or how to ask?  We can also provide panel facilitation.


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